Dell Field Service Mobile App

Simplifying how field technicians accomplish their tasks.


Dell wanted to create a mobile app for service technicians in the field. The app would allow Dell to assign dispatches to technicians while giving technicians the ability to request parts to complete their assignments.



Starting with technician interviews and ride-alongs, I obtained insight into how best to improve key tasks of the field technicians. The separated legacy applications that technicians were using made completing tasks arduous and time consuming. Many of the technicians expressed the desire for an inclusive application to manage both assignments and requests.


As the Senior UX Designer, my team redesigned Dell's mobile app for service technicians in the field. By implementing mobile functionality like nested swipe actions for list items, a camera enabled Service Tag scanner and integrated geolocation services into the app, we helped technicians execute tasks with a seamless process.

New Assignment Functions

Utilizing mobile device hardware like the camera, allowed technicians to easily obtain Service Tag information on each Dell machine being serviced. In addition, the app allowed technicians to map directions to each assignment directly from inside the app which saved time and improved technicians' experience.

New Request Functions

The technician's request list needed an improved hierarchy to help them scan the information under the request tab. After conducting ride alongs the date, company and dispatch number of each request were observed to be priorities for the technicians. Also, the ability to remove requests was added to help technicians organize their case loads.