Dell Community Site

Creating an open community that helps users find solutions.


Dell tasked my team to look at business requirements and user patterns to create a community experience focused on helping visitors resolve support related issues. There were many opportunities discovered after examining users' points of entry and feedback on the current site.



Using data and feedback from visitors of the current community site, one obvious pain point for users was the search tool. There was also a lack of content management and user engagement. We wanted to assist the current customer base while growing the brand by nurturing a younger audience with products Dell was creating for them.


A two pronged approach was adopted to improve the experience of the community site. One would improve support resolutions through better content management and an upgraded search tool. The second would help grow brand awareness during Dell's exciting new expansion by promoting user engagement through gamification.

Community search

A more robust search tool was recommended to increase user satisfaction over the prior community search tool. Visual elements like category dog tags and typographical hierarchy for search results helped users scan pertinent information quickly and efficiently.

Alienware community space

Alienware's strong brand called for a specific community space that helped nurture, assist and expand on an already well established following. I also designed quick access to discussions about game titles and hardware upgrades for the hardcore gamers in the Alienware community.