Nike E.A.R.L. Mobile App

A concept for the shoes of the future.


Excited about the new E.A.R.L. or HyperFit shoes from Nike®, I designed a concept app for the future HyperFit shoe. The current HyperFit shoe by Nike® can adjust your laces by a simple touch of a button. With the new possibilities of such technology, I ventured down a conceptual path to explore how an app could look and function for the shoe of tomorrow.



After understanding the past and current limitations of the technology for the product, I started peering into the not too distant future to imagine what else could be offered in an athletic shoe. Since shoes can be so purpose built for one or maybe two activities I thought of features that could be added to the next HyperFits. Front brace and suspension came to mind immediately. With the ability to adjust these three features you could use the same shoes to weight lift, run and walk in.


I wanted to add convenience and functionality to the user's experience with the shoes by bringing a dashboard to a mobile device. This would allow for quick adjustments and a convenient way to exercise and log their results. The solution was an inclusive concept that allowed users to flow from one activity to another quickly. The app would also allow the user to track their activity into their Nike+ account.

Shoe Adjustments

I viewed the dashboard for the shoe's adjustable components to be simple and reflective of the futuristic styling of the shoe. A color palette from the shoe line provides cohesive styling while circle graphs and sliders make for easy adjustments of the shoes.

Preset Functionality

With presets for lifting, running and walking, users can switch quickly to the settings they feel best for each activity. In addition, they can adjust each preset before, during and after a workout.

Tracking Performance

The concept has a built in exercise tracking function which is designed around a basic stopwatch. During exercise the app can show heart rate and distance through the device and it's peripherals. After each workout, the user has the option to save to their Nike+ account.