The Rotunda | Baltimore

Building on the past in the Inner Harbor.

Overview & Analysis

The Rotunda in Baltimore, Maryland was being renovated after years of decline. Originally an insurance company headquarters, the Rotunda had been turned into a shopping center in the early 80's. The main business still in operation was the old movie theater. I saw that as a way to link the past with the future.



In one day I was able to conceive, design and implement a microsite that communicated the plans for the new community and increase interest from prospective residents and businesses. A ticket stub theme was used to tie the current relevance of the building in the community to the developer's future plans.

Photography and amenities helped communicate the quality that would be found at the new Rotunda.

Building a Premium Brand

The importance of building a relationship with the surrounding community was high for the success of the new Rotunda. The premium residences and retailers that would be offered at the new Rotunda helped increase the communities acceptance of the renovation while attracting quality businesses and investors.