Ryan Homes Mobile Site

Taking home buying mobile.

Overview & Analysis

My team was tasked with redesigning Ryan Homes' mobile site. It was found that most homebuyers were searching available open houses and neighborhoods with their mobile devices. We wanted to give them an inclusive experience when finding directions, chatting with agents or comparing properties.



Simplifying the pages to the elements that were most used was a priority. We wanted to create an inclusive experience for homebuyers while encouraging them to explore online, and in person, the communities of Ryan Homes.

Mobile Home Page

The previous page had too many options and created an overwhelming amount of choices for users to begin their home search. The area and type of property were the main focus for homebuyers we interviewed. So we simplified the interface which decreased the time for homebuyers to begin their search.

Community Page

Once a homebuyer focused on a particular community, we wanted to offer quick assistance through an online chat to help answer any specific questions they may have.